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Remote Access software keeps your company data safe and secure

Remote access software can improve data security by making sure no data is stored on personal devices. 
For businesses handling personal data or sensitive information, it’s really important to use data security tactics to ensure your company data doesn't get into the hands of cybercriminals.

As the pandemic has pushed many businesses to adopt work from home and mixed working solutions to limit contact in offices, data security has become a massive hurdle to working from home safely. Simply put, employees using their own personal devices and sharing company documents back and forth between their office PCs and home devices can create many opportunities for criminals to steal this information. 

That’s where remote access software like ShowMyPC comes in to bridge the file transfer gap between BYOD devices at home and office systems. Here’s how managers and business owners can use remote access to drastically improve data security.

Avoid Sharing Files over Email or the Internet

Without remote access, employees are accustomed to emailing files or using file transfer services to get their work documents from their office PCs to home, which can be insecure.

Remote access software eliminates the need for file transfers as employees can securely access their files and documents directly on their office PCs. Employees can complete their work straight from the remote access portal and log out when they're done. With ShowMyPC, you can access your work PC from any device anywhere in the world. 

No Company Data is left on Personal Devices

With remote access software, you are controlling your work PC from your home device. This means that the entire session is handled by your work PC and therefore no data is transferred and stored on your work-from-home device. 

This means if an employee’s laptop gets stolen or is lost, there is no danger of sensitive company data falling into the wrong hands. To achieve this level of security without remote access, employees would have to diligently delete any company document from their home device as soon as they are done. However, this can be cumbersome and less than ideal since often employees would need to continue working on the same file the following day.

Remote access ensures that all data is stored inside your secure office on not on devices that can be easily stolen. 

Why ShowMyPC is Secure

ShowMyPC recognizes the need for complete security when using remote access solutions for work. Using multiple secure layers of tunnelling, the app keeps your traffic safe from interceptors. 

ShowMyPC offers  two-factor authentication support. This adds another layer of crucial security even if your employees’ passwords are compromised, because criminals cannot gain access to their remote desktop accounts without access to their work phones for authentication.

Get Started with ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC is an affordable and feature-rich remote access suite. Plans start from $5 a month and include unattended PC support, file transfer, and easy access URLs. The viewer app works seamlessly through a web browser and so requires no downloads at all.

Get started at showmypc.com to upgrade your business’s remote working capabilities.

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