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Meet Your 2019 Goals For Your Business with ShowMyPC

The start of a new year gives us an excellent opportunity to step back and look at all we've achieved over the previous twelve months – it’s also the perfect time to start making plans so the forthcoming year is bigger and better than ever!

Here are a few ways that ShowMyPC can help you achieve your goals and make 2019 your most successful year yet.

Greater Productivity

If ramping up your productivity is high on your agenda for 2019, then the ability for employees to access their work PCs remotely can definitely help.

Imagine if any of your key employees wanted to work from home for personal reasons, or were hoping to return to work after a broken leg but couldn’t due to transportation issues? You’d be losing vital productivity by not allowing them the opportunity to work remotely from their chosen location.

Our remote PC access services allow your staff the ability to work from anywhere at any time, so you’ll never lose out on productivity or be faced with a lack of manpower just when crucial deadlines need to be met.

You’ll also have the ability to manage multiple PCs remotely, transfer files and even track lost or stolen PCs with our cost-effective plans for all sizes of businesses.

Opening a new branch in another State

If your business is set to grow over the next year and you've been seeking new premises in another state, screen sharing can help you keep in touch with your out of state colleagues and run through those business essentials without having to leave your office. 

This won't just cut down on the amount of time wasted travelling between your various offices, but it can also help you save big bucks from your annual budget that would have otherwise been wasted on unnecessary travel. With less travel time, you’ll also have more time to focus on your to do list – and probably feel a lot more energized without constant travel wearing you down. It’s a win-win!

Improve customer service

If your current customer service offering is letting your business down, then our help desk ticket system can help your team stay on top of customer service queries and provide the highest possible levels of customer care.

This simple dashboard is easy to use, and remote training can be provided to all team members, so it's a simple, fast and cost-effective way of delighting your customers.

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